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June 2020 Newsletter

Upcoming Closing Dates: July 3rd (Independence Day)


Early Learning Targets during June:

Language & Literacy-Spanish Vocabulary Words, Sea themed books reading

Math-Recognizing numbers, counting, grouping

Science-Sea creatures and plants; what makes something float or sink?

Health and Physical-Practicing hand-washing and personal hygiene



Credit card payments will be received through our parent’s portal or by phone call. There will be a payment drop box outside of the facility in the drop off area – ONLY cash and check will be accepted here. Automatic payments will remain the same.


Please remember:

*Please note that if your child is sent home, due to Covid-19, ALL children will need a clearance from their doctor in order to come back, 24 hours later.

*There is NO drop off before 7:00am, teachers are setting up things for drop off and cannot have your child with them before everything is set up.

*To wait for Ms. Maria at the “6ft” line with their children as she is also taking infants to their classrooms. You cannot drop off your child without Ms. Maria present, taking their temperature, and sanitizing their hands.

*To be on time every day. Children coming after 8:45am sharp, will not be accepted. Teachers are disinfecting, changing diapers, and preparing for circle time. We are on a very tight schedule and cannot afford disruptions in the classroom routine.

*To have your child wearing their uniform every day.

*To bring clean nap blankets every Monday! Some children will not nap without the blanket.

*To bring the monthly supplies by the 3rd day of each month.

*To always have your children wearing closed shoes; sandals and/or crocks are not allowed.

*To not pack/bring toys nor jewelry. Little Steps is not responsible for any lost items.

*Lunch must be pre-made items. It takes too long to prepare items such as Mac&Cheese, Oatmeal, etc.. The teachers will heat up the food, but it must be ready to eat. Any candy or juice will be sent home.



Birthday celebrations will be on June 26th. Parents are welcome to bring in birthday treats but they MUST bring them the day before (June 25th).

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