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Our Programs

All of our classrooms maintain the standard of four main pillars.

Bilingual Education

Children exposed to more than one language in early childhood prepare their brains for openness to learning in a context-based world.


Unparalleled Cleanliness and Warmth

The teachers here are extremely caring and respectful. Our space is colorful, bright, filled with music! Our cleanliness standards surpass any facility in the childcare field. We disinfect toys daily and maintain a healthy environment at all times.

Wholesome Care and Environmental Stewardship

All age groups enjoy a culturally rich bilingual curriculum that is planned and revised each month, following the SC Early Childhood Standards.



We teach children mutual respect for diverse cultures while providing an authentic experience of language learning that can only be carried out by Spanish speaking staff who modeled this language throughout the day. Our curriculum gives the children an irreplaceable opportunity to learn about the world through each other and the Spanish/English languages.

Classroom Structure 
Infants and Wobblers

Our babies and young One's are exposed to books, music, and activities that incorporate both languages. We know that each child is unique and will reach milestones in their own time. Each child receives plenty of personal attention and love throughout the day.  Both programs offer a home-like, comfortable environment for you and your child. They are free to explore their classrooms throughout the day, learning to crawl and walk together and graduate to the toddlers level with fluency in their comprehension of Spanish.

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Toddlers 1 and Toddlers 2
Little ones at this age become steady on their feet while exploring their world. Some structure and plenty of routines are introduced to this class. Toddlers have daily circle time, in which they go over animals, animal noises, naming and identifying body parts, singing songs, etc. Each child receives the personal attention and care they need, as well as lots of hugs. Also, children enjoy a wide variety of interactive sensory experiences. 

Potty training begins in the 2-year-old class. The teacher will work with the children and family to accomplish this milestone.

Preschool 1 and Preschool 2
Our full-day preschool responds to the unique opportunity that early childhood provides for learning a second language in a broad worldview. The children enjoy a curriculum that teaches them about the dynamic, multicultural community around them.

Our general goals in Preschool 1 and Preschool 2 are:

  • Students listen and respond, in both languages, two basic commands, and instructions; demonstrate their phonemic awareness and alphabetic principle; use basic vocabulary to identify familiar concepts.

  • Understand numbers, count, compare sets of objects, etc. Write the letters that represent their first name; Illustrates to express feelings, concepts related to family and personal experiences.


  • Develop their understanding of plants and animals in a world around them. Students learn about their local and international communities.


  • Students discover their creativity using various materials and also develop confidence in their creativity by presenting their crafts to everyone.

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