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No parents nor visitors will be allowed in the building.  Little Steps will be receiving ALL children through the outdoor playground.  Parents can enter through the right side of the building.  Before walking children into the building, we will take their temperature, use sanitizer on their hands and spray disinfectant on their lunch boxes. Each classroom will have a labeled bin outside to drop these off; no other item will be accepted from home (This includes hats, jackets, toys, etc.). Please place everything in the lunch box, separate items will not be accepted-everything must be in the lunch box, including sippy cups.  Agendas are no longer needed; you will receive a new slip in your lunch box by the end of the day.

☐Parents will be required to wear a mask during drop off and pick up times, no exceptions.

Drop off times are 7am to 8:45am.  You must be in line for drop off by 8:45 am in order for your child to be received.  There will be no exceptions.  Phone calls will not be taken.  You need to notify the office about morning doctor’s appointments ahead of time, not the same day.

☐Drop off should take no longer than 5 minutes for each child; loitering is discourage as we are trying to limit interaction/contact.  There is also a limited amount of space in the parking lot.

☐Children with a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit, will be sent home and will need clearance from their doctor to return.  There will no longer be a “24 hour fever free period”; you must take them to the doctor.

•Refrain from giving your child Tylenol or any other fever reducer in the morning.  Their temperature will be checked throughout the day and they will be sent home.

☐ Little Steps will be requesting for children with underlying health or immunity issues get clearance from their pediatrician; such as asthma or any other respiratory issues.

☐On their first day back, please bring an extra pair of shoes to keep in the classroom.  We will require the children to change their shoes in order to enter the building.  (Please consider providing shoes that are easy to put on.)

We will no longer provide breakfast; please make sure your child has eaten at home before dropping off.  The lunch is served at 11am in each classroom. Lunches must be brought during  morning drop-off.  We will NOT be receiving lunches after dropping off times (7am-8:45am).

☐ Little Steps will be routinely conducting health screening of parents; that includes inquiring about the health of anyone with whom they may be in close contact and if they have traveled to any CDC-designated “hot spots”.  It is your responsibility to honestly inform us; this is for the safety of the Little Steps family.

☐Payments will be taken online through our website , via the payment drop box or over the phone. Automatic payments will remain the same.  For your convenience, we have added the online payment system.  You will need to Sign up for an account under “Parent’s Corner” in our website:

☐Families that have confirmed for June 1st  will remain on the roster.  If you have not confirmed, we cannot secure a spot.  If you wish to make payments until you decide to return, you are welcome to do so.  That will be the only way to secure that spot.

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