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COVID-19 Information

If a Parent or Child tested positive to COVID-19

If the parent of a child tests positive for COVID-19, daycare must close for 14 days as directed by CDC.

What to do if you’ve been denied access to the program due to COVID-19 concerns.

Parents, children, and staff with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 and those with potential COVID-19 exposure should not enter the Little Steps Daycare and Preschool facilities.

For persons with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, you must wait until after symptoms have resolved (72 hours since last fever without anti-fever medications, and improved cough or other respiratory symptoms) AND at least 10 days have elapsed since symptom onset. A Doctor’s clearance is required in order to return.

Other CDC recommendations:

1. Stay at home and away from other public places.

2. Monitor symptoms. If symptoms get worse, call your healthcare provider immediately. For medical emergencies, call 911 and notify the dispatch personnel that you have or may have COVID-19.

3. Get rest and stay hydrated, cover your cough and sneezes, wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

4. If you have a medical appointment, call the healthcare provider ahead of time and tell them that you have or may have COVID-19.

5. As much as possible, stay in a specific room, away from other people in your home and use a separate bathroom, if available. If you need to be around other people, wear a facemask if you are symptomatic.

6. Avoid sharing personal items with others like dishes, towels, and bedding.

7. Clean all surfaces that are touched often, like counters, tabletops, and doorknobs. Use household cleaning sprays or wipes according to the label instructions.

Please help us control the spread of COVID-19 by informing us if you or your child has been exposed to the virus or if you have had any symptoms.

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